Dusted Donuts

2015-10-24 15:29:05 by CaplTeam

Written by Justin C. (CaplJuice)

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So that one thing I showed off a month ago has turned into this thing.


Interesting, isn't it? Yeah, the name isn't final. It's actually a codename. Anyways, the game is going to be about space, loneliness, and rock people. What a neat description. Also, Joe came back to do the soundtrack. He was working with us on Cleanse and Elastic, so that's a bad sign. But who cares, right? Here's a couple more screenshots, and then the end of the post.


Level Select


Planet One

Sub-Game 1

2015-07-22 18:43:09 by CaplTeam

Written by Helix G. (CaplHelix)

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 So, I am the first to announce that we are going to do SUB-GAMES! We will release 1 sub-game between  each game... game. Sub-games are like small games that will take only a few days. We are working on a sub-game named ThumbScrew, it is about squishing thumbs It will be GREAT! YOU WILL LIKE IT OR ELSE! It is being made in
memory of Rubby. Not really.





(in case you didn't know, Rubby is pronounced Rub-E)

Game #2?!

2015-07-10 00:26:26 by CaplTeam

Written by Helix G. (CaplHelix)

We have began development on our newest game! I aint' gunna tell you much, other than it is going to be GREAT! Well it is much bigger than Micromasher as well, and you will be very surprised by this release! I am on vacation at SECRET LOCATION, and boy, is it fun in SECRET LOCATION! Although due to my chair that I have, my art skill s are impaired ;^;! BUT DON'T WORRY FOLKS! I am just a bit slower at producing art, so development will be a bit slow. So THAT'S THAT I GUESS!


2015-07-09 18:08:05 by CaplTeam

Written by Helix G. (CaplHelix)

Oops am i a bit late? OF COURSE I AM! As you all know by now we released Micromasher, a game about microbes and such, if you didn't know, than where have you been?! JEEZ! IT WAS LIKE A MONTH AGO, maybe less, BUT SHUSH! I AM NOT QUITE DONE YET! So settle down and quit the popcorn making, this isn't gunna be THAT long! We started development on a new game! PLUS we got a new music man! So that's good! Now go and inform your peers about the OTHER WORLDLY NEWS I have spilled on your brain!

Our Webgames for Chrome Users

2015-07-03 15:50:49 by CaplTeam

Written by Justin C. (CaplJuice)

If you're using Chrome as your main browser, I'm sure you already know about Unity WebPlayer games. Yeah, you can't play WebPlayer games on Chrome. I know that us Unity devs have the option to export to WebGL, but this causes multiple issues. There's even a thread in the developer forum about it. I know, I know, you guys want Capl to port our webgames to WebGL, but it isn't going to happen. It isn't worth our time, and I know that must feel like a slap to the face with you guys. "Wuh, you noobs aren't gonna port it to WebGL?! That's stupid and you're lazy!" Hear me out, WebGL isn't even MEANT to be used yet! But I think we've come up with a solution, GameJolt! Note that you won't be able to play the web version there, you'll just be able to download it. So from now on, in all of the descriptions, there will be a link to the download page. That's all I wanted to say about WebGL. Goodbye.

New Project in the works!

2015-06-28 18:43:29 by CaplTeam

After the massive success of Micromasher, we've decided to make a game specifically for Newgrounds! Yeah, so I'm guessing that you guys want to know what this new game's all about, huh? Well basically it's a platformer. Yeah, pretty original, right? I can't really say much more, but here's a shitty screenshot of the prototype I just started working on. I did the totally awesome art, but of course it's not final. It's going to have art done by Helix, so it totally wont be pixel. Anyways, here's the screenshot.


Looks totally rad! ...Right? Okay, it looks like shit and the ground isn't even touching the bottom of the screen. I'll probably have to make some sort of camera system that doesn't allow it to go past the bottom border of the screen... Anyways, that's it. All of it. All gone. No more post. Goobi.