Entry #1

New Project in the works!

2015-06-28 18:43:29 by CaplTeam

After the massive success of Micromasher, we've decided to make a game specifically for Newgrounds! Yeah, so I'm guessing that you guys want to know what this new game's all about, huh? Well basically it's a platformer. Yeah, pretty original, right? I can't really say much more, but here's a shitty screenshot of the prototype I just started working on. I did the totally awesome art, but of course it's not final. It's going to have art done by Helix, so it totally wont be pixel. Anyways, here's the screenshot.


Looks totally rad! ...Right? Okay, it looks like shit and the ground isn't even touching the bottom of the screen. I'll probably have to make some sort of camera system that doesn't allow it to go past the bottom border of the screen... Anyways, that's it. All of it. All gone. No more post. Goobi.



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2015-06-28 20:07:52

YUS lookin forward to this so hard

Goobi Goobi Goooooo