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2015-07-22 18:43:09 by CaplTeam

Written by Helix G. (CaplHelix)

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 So, I am the first to announce that we are going to do SUB-GAMES! We will release 1 sub-game between  each game... game. Sub-games are like small games that will take only a few days. We are working on a sub-game named ThumbScrew, it is about squishing thumbs It will be GREAT! YOU WILL LIKE IT OR ELSE! It is being made in
memory of Rubby. Not really.





(in case you didn't know, Rubby is pronounced Rub-E)


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2015-07-22 19:22:20

I love your Micromasher game, it's unique! :D Keep up the great work! If you want to sometime you can check out my comedy art. I'll be honest not all of them are funny but some of them are and them aren't.

CaplTeam responds:

Sorry for the late response.
The game this post announces (ThumbScrew) was cancelled a while back.
But do not worry, as we are working on a brand-new game!
(Info about that here: